Friday, May 21, 2010

Here We Go Again.


Krystle is gone.
I almost want to add a "lol" to that statement.

She went away on a trip with friends for a week when I wrote the previous post. She returned, we hung out once for a few hours, and then she hasn't spoen to me in 3 weeks since. We can speculate that either she lost interest or found someone else...but I will never know, so at this point I don't care.

I met someone else a week later (always the way it is funny). We met strictly as friends, because while on this dating website there is an option for strict friends. She actually contacted me first, so we started talking, texting, etc, just talking about life and whatnot. However, we started having that "well...maybe" kind of feeling about each other. We deciding to try dating exclusively, and so far, so good. I will NOT mention her name (to ward off the 3-week curse), but I will say that she is a little younger than me. By about 8 years. However, I don't see that as a problem since even at that age she is a shit ton more mature than my childish, cheating ex-wife :)

Everything else from the previous post is the same. I will update again when I find out about nursing school next month.

God save the queen, and all that what.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time Goes By...

Note to self: Try writing more than once every 6 months.

Well where do I divorce from Joy was official as of December 3rd, 2009. I'm GLAD. VERY glad. UBER glad. I've begun actually noticing the number of ways in which Joy and I were incompatible, and how she stunted me and my personality. She belittled me in public, made me feel inadequate, and manipulated me. Time to start anew.

The girl I wrote about last October...we are no longer together. It turns out she didn't quite feel the same way I did. Chock it all up to experience, I guess.

Since November, if I am counting correctly, I have dated another....ummm....let's see...4 women. Most didn't last longer than 3 weeks. One lasted 3 days when I discovered she had cheated on her previous boyfriend frequently over the course of a year. Obviously, my response was along the lines of "Yeah...I'm out."

However, I stopped seeing every potential relationship as a failure on my part, and realized that they are learning experiences. Everytime I date someone, I learn the ropes and see what it is I should be looking for (and also what to look out for).

I recently (about 2 weeks ago) began dating Krystle. The phrase "stop looking for love and it's sure to seek you out" is very true. Oddly enough, she feels more natural to me than any woman so far. I feel like she understands me, which is a feat in itself since a recently divorced man with tons of debt and A.D.D. is already a handful. However, I vowed to myself that I won't screw this one up.

In true divorce fashion, I moved back to my parents' house. Hopefully, only until October or so. It really depends. My friend and I are hoping to move into a townhouse in Ann Arbor, but they have a long wait list.

I am trying to pay off bills and save some money before the move, but it's proving difficult:

1. Since I am now "Single" on my W2, I am taking home roughly 100 bucks less per paycheck.

2. I have had to do some expensive car repair.

3. I am now using more gas since I am driving 20-30 miles more each day.


This is the good part :-)

I began going to the gym with my friend Dustin in February. We started going 5 to 6 days a week, doing cardio and intense weight-lifting for 2 hours. However, I soon burned out and got really sick with a 103 fever. My immune system crapped out.

NOW...I am still going 5 days a week or so, but instead of going consecutively, I am going 2 days, take a day off....3 days on....then a days off. The recuperation helps a lot. I have started seeing real progress. My arms, shoulders, chest, and stomach are looking better than I have ever looked. I look muscular for the first time in my life. I have also started running again, and have lost most of the remaining fat. Only a little left on my stomach, of course.

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Peoples is Peoples"

I haven't written anything is awhile. I'm sitting here at work, bored stiff. So I thought...what the hell. Might as well write something.

For the first time in my life, I think the only thing I can say is that life is happening. I'm going to work, paying bills, trying to get past the whole divorce thing (with amiable success, I feel, as horrifying as the first 6 months were), and spending a lot of time reflecting on what direction said life is going in. I have no clue. But it feels...okay, actually.

As much I hate cliches, I must say that many doors are now closed to me, but others have opened. I'm spending a lot of time with a person who has become very special to me in recent weeks. Although the path ahead is uncertain, I do know that right now I enjoy walking that path with her, and I hope we continue to. I'm not mentioning her name because she "kinda sorta" wouldn't want me to ;)

She's an assassin.

Anyway, in terms of myself, I have begun working on a new strategy (many, actually) to pay off my credit card bill as much as possible before nursing school.

Aha. Nursing School.

This is another point I have come to. I am not giving up nursing school. Far from it. However, I have realized that I probably shouldn't be focusing on only one school. There are hospitals everywhere. I could easily move somewhere else (I was looking at Pittsburgh awhile back. They have a nice, new pediatric hospital) and find a job there, paying off bills and going to school there. The great thing about a medical career is that there is no shortage of jobs. People are always going to need hospitals. Of course, the only real kink in that is I can't afford an apartment right now. But if that is the only thing in the's worth a thought.

I will have to make another sit rep (nod to Sarah) when I find out more info.

I will leave you with a limerick:

When finding the love you embrace,
No matter a person or place,
Life is too quick,
To not take a risk,
...and never stop saying "Your Face!"

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Happening.

Well, as most people are probably aware of, Joy and I are getting divorced. This is not something I take a matter of fact, I fought it for a long time. I won't go into the details as those are not only personal, but also quite inconsequential at this point. This is happening. The ball is rolling. The papers are filed.

I realize now that although you may think you've planned something down to the last minute detail, life can still throw you a curve ball. No matter how hard it hits you, at some point you have to get back on your feet and keep playing the game. Pardon the horrible analogy, but it's true.

In the beginning, I was a wreck. I felt betrayed, unloved, lied to, and most of all...abandoned. It was not uncommon to see me crumbled up on my floor screaming my face off. Although I was now living alone, I slept on the couch for 3 months. When I slept at all.

I know now that I have to move on. It's been a long 7 months. I stopped fighting it awhile ago, and just decided to sit back and watch what happened...but that doesn't work either. I'd just be lying there in the dirt.

But little by little, you start reading, reflecting, and realizing that you can't project those feelings you have on the entire world. It wasn't the world that shit on you. This is part of life. You have to learn to trust yourself, trust others, and continue the life you wanted to have for yourself...and even with another person. Which as we all know is very important to me. Many divorced friends tell me they never want to be married again. I do. Very much so. But this time I will do it right. I will approach it with the same confidence I have in myself (now more than ever) and make sure I don't fall in the same holes.

Filling out the rest of the paperwork actually gave me a slight feeling of release. Release from 7 months of tension and hurt. Now I have to learn to leave it where it is. That weight is no longer mine to carry. I need to be reading to lift up and support a new life. One that will support me when I need it to. I've spent too much time feeling alone and bleeding to death in the street. It's a horrifying feeling. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Thank you for listening.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I haven't posted anything in awhile, although I am definitely not short on material. It's just not worth plastering all over the internet. It has been a rough few months, and it's not over yet (nod).

I realize the road ahead will be rocky, but I'm hoping the worst trenches are behind. I may be wrong, but unless I look into the situation with a small degree of optimism, I might as well not try at all. After all, Gretzky said it best. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

I'm taking this shot.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Apparently Hard to Tell a Joke...

Rafferty, Dann: Let's play a game.
Rafferty, Dann: One of us comes up with the first line for a joke, then the other one has to finish with a punch line.
Kraft, Adam: ok i got one
Kraft, Adam: do you like fishsticks?
Rafferty, Dann: hmmm....
Kraft, Adam: say yes
Rafferty, Dann: yes
Rafferty, Dann: I know where this is going
Kraft, Adam: where is it going
Rafferty, Dann: continue
Rafferty, Dann: finish your joke
Kraft, Adam: i implore you enlighten me
Rafferty, Dann: cuz I've got one now
Kraft, Adam: ok do yours
Kraft, Adam: you know mine
Rafferty, Dann: what about the punchline of yours?
Rafferty, Dann: gotta finish it now.
Kraft, Adam: fine
Kraft, Adam: what are you a gay fish
Rafferty, Dann: oh jesus.
Rafferty, Dann: lame
Rafferty, Dann: ok, here goes.
Rafferty, Dann: Your grandma is so fat...
Rafferty, Dann: (your cue)
Kraft, Adam: that mountain dew had to change their name cuz she took up so much room .
Rafferty, Dann: what?
Rafferty, Dann: no, that's not your cue, stupid!
Rafferty, Dann: althought I am audibly laughing at my desk.
Rafferty, Dann: Your grandma is sooooooo fat...
Rafferty, Dann: (ahem)
Kraft, Adam: are you making fun of me now? i don't get it
Rafferty, Dann: oh good god
Rafferty, Dann: You're supposed to say "How fat IS she?"
Rafferty, Dann: let's try this again.
Rafferty, Dann: "Your grandmother is SO fat..."
Kraft, Adam: what do you want me to say?
Rafferty, Dann: SEE ABOVE, GENIUS.
Kraft, Adam: how fat IS he?
Rafferty, Dann: she
Rafferty, Dann: not he.
Kraft, Adam: i know i just wanted to frazzle you
Rafferty, Dann: unless she has problems.
Rafferty, Dann: Your grandmother is soooooo fat...
Rafferty, Dann: That when the Lift Team came to use the Hoyer lift on her, it snapped in three pieces, flying shrapnel everywhere and hit the tech in the leg and he died of tetanus.
Rafferty, Dann: ...your turn.
Kraft, Adam: i thought we were making jokes
Rafferty, Dann: it was.
Kraft, Adam: no
Kraft, Adam: i think you took that from an ER episode
Rafferty, Dann: what?
Rafferty, Dann: I don't watch ER
Kraft, Adam: lol
Rafferty, Dann: only gay fish watch ER.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Next Time, Seven More.

Another work conversation with Adam. I had ONE HOUR of sleep and taken 2 exams that day:


Rafferty, Dann: ONE HOUR OF SLEEP! WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Kraft, Adam: steven adler stole my buddies wallet
Rafferty, Dann: huh?
Kraft, Adam: the original drummer for guns and roses
Kraft, Adam: he was on celebrity rehab lol
Rafferty, Dann: haha
Kraft, Adam: your going to fall asleep at your desk
Rafferty, Dann: almost did once already
Kraft, Adam: lol better get some coffee
Kraft, Adam: you have tommorrow off?
Rafferty, Dann: yeah...already had some
Kraft, Adam: do you work friday
Rafferty, Dann: yeah, fri-sun
Kraft, Adam: you want to become a bounty hunter with me
Rafferty, Dann: one sec
Rafferty, Dann: how so?
Kraft, Adam: we prolly have to take a lil class then you get your license to bounty hunt
Rafferty, Dann: coo
Kraft, Adam: u down
Rafferty, Dann: yeah...who I gotz ta kill, boss?
Kraft, Adam: its not like that
Rafferty, Dann: shucks
Kraft, Adam: i'm gunna be like dog the bounty hunter but better
Rafferty, Dann: complete with trailer-trash theme?
Kraft, Adam: of course
Kraft, Adam: i think mine will be a montage of me spraying assorted animals and food products with mace
Rafferty, Dann: hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
Rafferty, Dann: mace the Spam
Rafferty, Dann: and call it "Bra."
Kraft, Adam: lol
Kraft, Adam: oo
Kraft, Adam: and i like the classical music on my phone
Kraft, Adam: i don't know where it came from but it sounds cool
Rafferty, Dann: ee
Rafferty, Dann: I added my other 2 tattoos to my alnum on FB
Kraft, Adam: they have alnums on facebook now?
Rafferty, Dann: umm...since forever.
Rafferty, Dann: Grandpa.
Kraft, Adam: lol
Kraft, Adam: i need a new job
Rafferty, Dann: yeah yeah
Rafferty, Dann: we know alrwady
Rafferty, Dann: me too
Rafferty, Dann: we say this every night.
Rafferty, Dann: How about stripper?
Rafferty, Dann: The Vu is always looking.
Kraft, Adam: alrwady huh i like when your tired because you misspell things like i do when i'm not tired
Kraft, Adam: hahahah
Kraft, Adam: u up?
Rafferty, Dann: huh?
Rafferty, Dann: oh
Rafferty, Dann: uh huh
Kraft, Adam: lol
Rafferty, Dann: alrwady....hahahaha
Rafferty, Dann: sounds like a name.
Rafferty, Dann: Alfred R. Wady
Rafferty, Dann: I have never been this fucking tired.
Rafferty, Dann: exhausted.
Rafferty, Dann: POOPED.
Kraft, Adam: 1 hour of sleep will do that to you
Rafferty, Dann: yup
Rafferty, Dann: I can't think straight up here.,
Rafferty, Dann: hope I don't have a ____________
Rafferty, Dann: not gonna say it
Kraft, Adam: yea
Rafferty, Dann: AAAARRRGGGHH!H!HH!!!!! TIRED!!!!!!
Kraft, Adam: go home sick
Rafferty, Dann: can't
Rafferty, Dann: already on the boss' shit list
Rafferty, Dann: notice the awesome grammar there.
Rafferty, Dann: and sweet usage of the apostrophe.
Kraft, Adam: lol
Kraft, Adam: y you on the boss' list
Rafferty, Dann: cuz I called in a lot when I started having marriage issues. Called off almost an entire week.
Rafferty, Dann: couldn't focus.
Rafferty, Dann: kept leaving
Rafferty, Dann: shit like that\
Rafferty, Dann: but dude...understandable.
Kraft, Adam: yea
Rafferty, Dann: I was freaking out.
Kraft, Adam: did she say anything to you
Rafferty, Dann: Bethany?
Rafferty, Dann: I had "the talk".
Rafferty, Dann: but it was okay, cuz my dad gave me the same talk when I was 12.
Rafferty, Dann: hahahahahahahahahahahahahgivemeyourmoneyhahahahahaha
Kraft, Adam: the talk
Kraft, Adam: lol
Rafferty, Dann: hahahahahahahahamakemeacheesecakehahahahahhaa
Rafferty, Dann: hahahahahhaIneedtofuckingsleepgoddamitallhahahahah
Kraft, Adam: your loosing it
Rafferty, Dann: yup
Kraft, Adam: if maria never said anything who cares lol
Rafferty, Dann: meh
Rafferty, Dann: im too tired to y typ[e
Rafferty, Dann: i ahate typing when im tired aor exhausted. m6y fingers wont mvoe coreevtkly.
Kraft, Adam: lol
Rafferty, Dann: wehat flooooooor you on?
Kraft, Adam: 7
Kraft, Adam: mott
Rafferty, Dann: im sitting here playing with the chime that rings when you hiot enter without typoing anything
Kraft, Adam: lol i don't know how you do it
Kraft, Adam: i would be on my way home right now
Rafferty, Dann: I';m making upo a song
Kraft, Adam: or drinking an energy drink
Rafferty, Dann: MONSTER!
Rafferty, Dann: hospital dont have zem sir!
Rafferty, Dann: ZEEG HEIL!
Rafferty, Dann: Mein herring!
Rafferty, Dann: fishy pants Mcgee!
Rafferty, Dann: smell like turpentine and poopy pants!
Kraft, Adam: they sell full throttle in the machines
Rafferty, Dann: me eat snow
Rafferty, Dann: me hit head, go ow.
Rafferty, Dann: head spinn likee horsey in windschtorm
Rafferty, Dann: go wheee!
Rafferty, Dann: words sbluurrring togehhher
Rafferty, Dann: iom gonna try ana dtypew "sleep" without looking.
Rafferty, Dann: s;eep
Rafferty, Dann: sleerpp
Rafferty, Dann: sleep
Rafferty, Dann: yay!
Kraft, Adam: your nuts
Rafferty, Dann: 3 tries
Rafferty, Dann: YOU'RE nuts!
Rafferty, Dann: ]unless you mewan my perschunul schtash
Kraft, Adam: lol